6 Questions America Asked On Social Media Regarding Violence of Women Against Men After Solange Attacked Jay-Z

This past week the media world had a field day when the news broke out that Solange Knowles attacked Jay-Z at the Met Gala event in NY.  TMZ put out the leaked footage showing Solange violently attacking her brother in-law, who is the husband of her sister Beyonce, in the elevator of The Standard Hotel.

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The rumors as to why people thought it happened were endless, and all-though the three of them released a general statement, we may never know the full details as to why that tragic elevator scene happened. Despite all the speculation with very few details people began to draw their own conclusions alongside with a few opinions of women attacking men, such as:

(the following are statements from random viewers on the internet)

“Wow I really respect Jay-Z for not going off and hitting Solange”

“Jay-Z must be hitting Beyonce why else would Solange go off on him”

“Couldn’t of been me I would have smacked her up and down that elevator”

“If a woman wants to act like a man and hit a man she needs to expect the same”

When Whoopi Goldberg voiced her opinion regarding this matter on the talk show “The View” she stated her opinion as well:

“I think Solange was quite ready for him to do whatever he was going to do. This is the thing: If anybody hits you, you have the right… I know that many people are raised in a different way, but if a woman hits you, to me, you have the right to hit her back.”


Many people were appalled and disgusted with her comments mainly because this well-known celebrity voiced her opinion to the world on what seemed to be the support of retaliation and violence of men against women on day time t.v. This news was not only shocking but devastating words to hear for a lot of people especially for women hearing it from another woman.

After seeing the leaked video of Solange attacking Jay-Z alongside with people seeing so many views on the topic, discussions of women on men violence began pouring all over social media in group discussions, websites and blogs alike. It also raised a few questions…

6 Questions America Asked On Social Media Regarding Violence of Women Against Men:

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1. Is it ever acceptable for a man to hit on a woman?

2. Do women think they can beat on a man like a man and expect nothing to happen?

3. Has America changed it’s value system when it comes to domestic abuse?

4. Men get abused  by women too should they just sit back and take it?

5. Is it necessary to hit a woman in retaliation when most of them are stronger? Isn’t this considered abuse?

6. It use to be that when a man it a woman he was viewed as weak, has this view changed?

After seeing how Jay-Z handled himself against Solange Knowles it’s clear men can defend themselves without retaliation, however, this may not always be the case. I would like to think the situation would have to be pretty serious before it results in a man hitting a woman but women also need to take accountability by thinking before reacting.

Some of us may have  been taught that men simply don’t hit women… period, but apparently that rule has almost faded into non-existence when it comes to the views of many Americans today.

Ladies the truth is, the world is becoming a lot less tolerant of violence of women against men, what you may view as the unspoken standard of ethics and values may not be considered justifiable by others (or in court for that matter).  In this day and age women simply cannot hit a man, whether extremely violent or not, and not expect some form of physical retaliation… You might find yourself surprisingly wounded. 

My thoughts: I personally do not agree with men hitting women at all. I simply do not believe that it is necessary. I also believe one can defend without hitting but this does not excuse a woman to violently hit a man. My suggestions ladies: Just don’t do it!-Stephanie Coleman

Where do you stand when it comes to violence of women against men? Voice it!

3 thoughts on “6 Questions America Asked On Social Media Regarding Violence of Women Against Men After Solange Attacked Jay-Z

  1. I don’t think a man should hit a woman unless his life is threatened. However, as a man, woman, or child if you put your hands on somebody you better not dare cry foul if they put hands back on you. Once you touch somebody in a violent way they have every right to defend themselves.

  2. I like to keep it simple don’t hit me and I won’t have a reason to hit you and that is for men and women

  3. Having been a male victim of domestic violence perpetrated by a woman on multiple occasions, I must admit that sometimes self defense is the only choice. If you’re man enough to punch me, you’re man enough to get punched back by me until you’re no longer a threat.

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