1. POSSIBILITY OVER PROBABILITY. You married your spouse for who they might be in the long run but not for who they currently are, Truth is the majority of us do not live to reach all of our dreams, goals and aspirations. Although there is nothing wrong with standing beside your spouse and believing in them you have to be satisfied with how they are  now just in case it never happens. If you are not satisfied with how your spouse is now then there is a high possibility you won’t be later.

2. DIARRHEA MOUTH. You run and tell your friends and family about every time your spouse does something you dislike or when they make a mistake. Your spouse is GUARANTEED to make a huge mistake as will you! No relationship will be perfect but when you married your spouse you should have went into the relationship accepting the good with the bad… Telling your close loved ones when your spouse makes a mistake is allowing them access into your personal affairs giving them too much of an opinion on your marriage without knowing all the intricate details , this cause unnecessary conflict from outside influences  and it can also become uncomfortable during family gatherings. So keep your mouth shut!

3. TOO CLINGY. You don’t understand why your spouse wants to hang out like they’re not married but the truth is they don’t understand why YOU don’t hang out more. You understand the importance of family time however everyone is entitled to spend a good amount of time with their friends too, (as long as it doesn’t take priority over your family time.) Just because you forgot about your friends doesn’t mean your spouse has. Take time to go out and get away and the more comfortable you’ll be when your spouse does, Within reason of course!

4. FINAL WORD WOES. The word “sorry” is not in your dictionary, you would rather argue until you’re blue rather than accept the fact that sometimes even your spouse won’t see things your way! Not only that, you are not willing to apologize about whatever you did that may have hurt their feelings even if it wasn’t intentional..,. No one wrote the book on apologies! sometimes it’s good to simply let your partner know that you care and that you are willing to work on your actions and on how you respond regardless if you feel as though you were wrong or not. It shouldn’t be a fight over right or wrong but rather an understanding of what triggers your partner and  how you can work around not offending them in any way, this will allow your spouse to be more receptive to your concerns without defense walls being built.

5. NO MORE DATE NIGHTS. You thought that dating ends after marriage begins…. NOT ! The only time you go somewhere is when others are involved. HUGE MISTAKE! You should take the time to date your spouse at least once or twice a month, this will keep the relationship exciting and new for the duration of your marriage and keep things spicy! Your spouse want’s to know that “they still got it” and that you know they are a good catch because you aren’t afraid to show them off!

6. PITY PARTY’S. You thought marriage was supposed to be centered around how you feel, in return you married your spouse based off how they make you feel rather than how well you fulfill each other. So you fall in love quickly because they said all the things you wanted to hear… Then suddenly your spouse says or does something you dislike and interrupts your perfect picture! Awwwwww…. Now you’re ready to call it quits! WAKE UP AND SMELL THE DIVORCE PAPERS!!!! This just isn’t realistic of how a long-lasting marriage works. It is not your spouse’s responsibility to  make you happy or fill your void, guess what… Only YOU you are responsible for your own happiness! Your spouse should be icing ont the cake but sometimes they might make it worse, If your arent’ built to go through the lows of marriage most likely you won’t survive to reach the highs!




Want to take a nice long walk around the park after dark and spark a little Mary Jane a.ka. Marijuana? No problem if you don’t mind paying a $25 fine!


In efforts to enforce decriminalization possession of marijuana ( which affects most blacks who are currently over crowding the prisons over marijuana sentences) the District of Columbia is taking action by issuing a small fine for having up to an ounce of marijuana of $25 oppose to $1000 fine and 6 months jail time.
Officers have the option of merely giving a warning and residents won’t be required to show an ID to police writing a citation.

Police will continue to confiscate the drug and can arrest people who refuse to provide their actual name and address, but police cannot use the odor of marijuana as an excuse to search for it.

Marijuana remains illegal under federal law and the U.S. Park Police and other federal agencies intend to file federal charges against people they catch with small amounts of marijuana. Those penalties include a possible $1,000 fine and one year in jail for first offenses.

“I think we’re going to see a real positive change in the District of Columbia,” Councilman David Grosso, a political independent, tells U.S. News. “We know that every single touch with the criminal justice system, unfortunately, has a negative impact on our residents’ lives.”

Do you think this change will negatively or positively impact the community within D.C.? #voiceit






 If you love reality t.v. then you don’t want to miss the upcoming Love & Hip Hop Atlanta Reunion, major brawls went down to the point of cops needing to intervene because of the injuries– and the tape was still rolling!!

According to TMZ:

A huge brawl erupted during the taping of the “Love and Hip Hop: Atlanta” reunion show in NYC Tuesday night … leaving several cast members — and their weaves — injured.

Multiple sources on the set tell us the fight involved Benzino, his fiancee Althea, Stevie J, Joseline, Debra, Tammy, and Mimi – and the whole mess started when Benzino cracked a joke about Stevie J and Joseline doing drugs.

We’re told Stevie jumped up to get in Benzino’s grill, but security guards stopped him. That’s when –according to witnesses — Stevie’s girl Joseline sneak attacked Althea.

After that, all hell broke loose — weaves were torn out in the chaos — and every time security broke up one fight … a different one would spark up between other cast members.

We’re told most of the fighting was between the women — although at least one male security guard took a shot to the face … from one of the chicks.

From what we can tell the only smart decision all night was someone calling 911. Cops and paramedics responded — at least three people got treatment.

We know what you’re wondering, and the answer is — YES … we’re told VH1 cameras were rolling during most of the violence.

The seeds of ratchetness appear to have been sown Monday night … when a nude pic of Benzino and Althea was posted on Stevie J’s Twitter page.






Do you believe in emotional infidelity? Surprisingly a lot of people believe that if it doesn’t involve touching then it’s nothing wrong with a little flirting here or there… But where do you draw the line?

Are you up all night flirting or speaking on sexual matters with strangers “just for fun”?  Is there really no harm in sex talk?

Well it depends. Some people don’t relate sex with emotions however it doesn’t exonerate you from cheating. Plenty of men and women have affairs without their emotions being involved, does this make the transgression less serious?

What if it’s just a group discussion speaking on the subject? Is this cheating?

After being in several social media groups I can honestly say that everyone has their own definition of what defines cheating but also that everyone has a limit to what they will or will not say and what activities they will or will not participate in such as certain dare games, pictures and flirt talk.

Based off of this I would say that cheating is in the understanding of your personal relationship and only your significant other can judge… With that being said if you can’t do it in front of your spouse don’t click the mouse!

Innocent fun can turn into something more serious in an instant!  You can go from speaking of a fantasy you have to flirting then at some point you decide to go that extra step and feed your curiosity and this is where the ground becomes shaky!

Although social media is the common medium for everyday conversations, fun games and interaction it also serves as the most common means for people to have affairs.

In a poll conducted by womansavers.com, over 63 per cent of women felt that online emotional affairs constituted infidelity and 70 per cent of them believe that emotional affairs could lead to physical affairs… and a lot of them do.

THOUGHTS: Ultimately many people will have their opinions on what constitutes cheating but what it comes down to is not going beyond the limits within the understanding of your relationship!!!

Do you believe in Cyber cheating?  Where do you draw the line? #VOICEIT


Beyoncé and Jay Z kicked off their highly anticipated On The Run tour last night in Miami and there were quite a few surprises!

The notoriously private couple used the tour as an opportunity to share never-before-seen footage from their 2008 wedding, a few intimate moments from the beginning of their relationship, and video taken of Beyoncé in the delivery room after she gave birth to baby Blue.


As you can imagine, social media lit up with photos and videos from the show. They performed over 40 songs during the 2.5 hour show with a set inspired by their RUN trailer.  During the show, Beyoncé rocked several different costumes including a multicolored Atelier Versace bodysuit, a thong cut-out leotard, and a Vrettos Vrettakos red crystal catsuit.


Will you be attending the show?


From t.v. show offers to model agency interests Jeremy Meeks A.K.A The Dreamy Felon,  network is beginning to explode without him even saying a word!

images (1)

Jeremy Meeks could make 360k as a “gangster model” which is apparently the new hot wave for fashion models.

Blaze Modelz tells TMZ … “gangster models” are hot right now.  The agency claims they can book Meeks with high-end fashion houses — like Versace and Armani — and he could rake in $15 – $30K a month.

Blaze also says they actually like Meeks’ face tattoos … even the gang-revealing teardrop.  They thinks it’s edgy and sexy.  They didn’t mention the Crypt tattoo on his neck, but that can be covered.

Another modeling agency  that did not want to be named said once Meeks is a free man they’d like to work with him as well.

Here’s the problem his bail is set to 1 Million dollars so most likely he won’t be seeing any of that money any time soon!


Disney star Zendaya Coleman who is known for her t.v. series “Shake It Up” and recent widespread recognition for her stint on “Dancing With The Stars” will be starring in a Biopic movie as Aaliyah on the Lifetime Cable Network Channel.


This film, tentatively titled Aaliyah: Princess of R&B, will be based off of Christopher Farley’s bestselling biography “Aaliyah: More Than a Woman.”

Aaliyah topped the charts from 1994 to her death at 22 years old in 2001 but has yet to receive a Biopic film until now.

The film is being produced by Aaliyah Productions, Inc., with Howard Braunstein (The Informant!) and Debra Martin Chase (The Princess Diaries) serving as executive producers. Bradley Walsh (Turn the Beat Around) will direct from a script written by Michael Elliot (Brown Sugar).


This film will supposedly touch on various aspects of her personal life, such as relationship with R. Kelly, and music career.

Zendaya Coleman is a star in her own right and is extremely talented from acting, singing and dancing she also released a self-titled debut in 2013 — the first single selling more than 1 million copies.

What are you looking forward to seeing in this Biopic film? Do you think Zendaya will pull it off? #voiceit



How would you feel if you were told to leave a restaurant…. Wait for it… Due to your facial appearance?

This is exactly what happened to a 3-year old  little girl who left KFC in tears after being requested to leave because  “her face was disrupting our customers”  according to CNN.

The little girls name is Victoria Wilcher who was mauled by 3 pitt bulls 3 months ago causing her to need regular medical treatment.

“I ordered a large sweet tea and her some mashed potatoes and gravy because she was hungry,” Kelly Mullins (the childs grandmother) told WAPT.

“She was on a feeding tube at the time, but I figured she could just swallow (the potatoes). They just told us, they said, ‘We have to ask you to leave because her face is disrupting our customers.’ (Victoria) understood exactly what they said.”

Victoria cried all the way home, Mullins said.

“She’s got a lot of surgeries to go through and she won’t even look in the mirror anymore,” Mullins told WAPT. “When we go to a store, she doesn’t even want to get out (of the car). She’s 3 years old and she’s embarrassed about what she looks like. She’s embarrassed and I hate it because she shouldn’t be. It ain’t her fault.”

This indeed isn’t the childs fault and is extremely upsetting that any employee at KFC would allow this to happen! How heartbreaking it must be for this child to be publicly humiliated  because of her appearance?  Well others became angered too as this story began to spread on social media:

Victoria’s family recounted the incident in a Facebook page set up to raise money for her medical expenses.


“Does this face look scary to you?” the family posted on the Victoria’s Victories Facebook page. “I personally will never step foot in another KFC again and will be personally writing the CEO.”

After social media users opened fire on the restaurant, calling for a boycott, the apology from the chain came quickly too.

The company said it will donate $30,000 to assist with the girl’s medical bills.

“The entire KFC family is behind Victoria,” company spokesman Rich Maynard said.

Authorities said Victoria was attacked in April while visiting her grandfather, from whom Kelly Mullins is divorced.

One of the dogs ripped open the front door and two other dogs dragged her into the back yard, WAPT reported.

The dogs bit the girl all over, but especially on the face. She has severe facial scars and lost sight in her right eye and the ability to move the right side of her face, Mullins told WAPT. She wears an eye patch with a cartoon character on it.

The three dogs that attacked Victoria were killed. The grandfather, Donald Mullins, and his girlfriend were arrested on child endangerment charges, WAPT reported.

Do you agree or disagree with the initial actions of KFC by requesting the child to leave because it disrupts customers and it is a business or do you think it should have been handled differently and if so what would you have done as a business owner? # Voiceit


There has been a massive increase of school shootings  since the Sandy Hook shooting.

images (1)

After Tuesday’s shooting at an Oregon high school, many media outlets, including CNN, reported that there have been 74 school shootings in the past 18 months.

That’s the time period since the December 2012 massacre at Sandy Hook Elementary School in Newtown, Connecticut, where 20 children and six adults were shot to death.

The statistic came from a group called Everytown for Gun Safety, an umbrella group started by former New York Mayor Michael Bloomberg, a passionate and public advocate of gun control.

This number is horrific and reflects horribly on our priorities as a society. Is this a forecast of what we can expect more of?

According to CNN, they ttook a closer look at the list, delving into the circumstances of each incident Everytown included.

Everytown says on its web site that it gleans its information from media reports and that its list includes school shootings involving a firearm discharged inside or on school grounds, including assaults, homicides, suicides and accidental shootings.

CNN determined that 15 of the incidents Everytown included were situations similar to the violence in Oregon — a minor or adult actively shooting inside or near a school. That works out to about one shooting every five weeks.

Some of the other incidents on Everytown’s list included personal arguments, accidents and alleged gang activities and drug deals.


Here are the 15 incidents that have occurred between the Sandy Hook massacre and the latest shooting in Oregon:

1. January 10, 2013 — Taft Union High School in Taft, California: A 16-year-old student opened fire in class. He was targeting two classmates who he felt had bullied him, law enforcement said. One student was injured. The shooter was placed into custody after a teacher and campus supervisor persuaded the student to put down his firearm.

2. January 15, 2013 — Stevens Institute of Business and Arts in St. Louis, Missouri: A part-time student shot and injured a school employee then apparently shot himself, according to St. Louis police.

3. January 31, 2013 — Price Middle School in Atlanta, Georgia: A 14-year-old was shot in the head outside his school, police said. His mother told CNN affiliate WSB-TV that he was taken to the hospital. Atlanta Public Schools announced that another student had been taken into custody after the 1:50 p.m. shooting.

4. April 12, 2013 — New River Community College in Christianburg, Virginia: An 18-year-old student drove to the school’s campus inside a mall and began shooting at 1:55 p.m. on a Friday, police said. He wounded two women.

5. June 7, 2013 — Santa Monica College in Santa Monica, California: A gunman killed four people during a rampage that began at a home near the college campus, police said. He opened fire in the residence where police discovered two bodies, then the gunman shot at a passing car and carjacked another. The gunman forced the driver to drive onto the campus and shot two people in a passing vehicle, police said. Another victim was shot outside the campus library, authorities said. The gunman was killed by authorities.

6. August 20, 2013 — Ronald E. McNair Discovery Learning Academy, in Decatur, Georgia: A gunman fired shots and barricaded himself inside the elementary school. Antoinette Tuff, who worked in the front office, was hailed as a hero for engaging suspect Michael Brandon Hill. She managed to talk him into into giving up, and no one was injured, police said.

7. August 30, 2013 — Carver High School in Winston-Salem, North Carolina: A student injured another during a shooting that occurred at 2:45 p.m. during a planned fire drill, CNN affiliate WXII reported.

8. October 21, 2013 — Sparks Middle School in Sparks, Nevada: A 12-year-old opened fire with a handgun he took from his parents, police say. Jose Reyes injured two students and killed Mike Landsberry, a teacher and Afghanistan war veteran, authorities said. Reyes killed himself.

9. December 13, 2013 — Arapahoe High School in Centennial, Colorado: Karl Halverson Pierson opened fire on a Friday inside his suburban Denver high school, police said. The 18-year-old allegedly shot Claire Davis, a 17-year-old senior, who later died at a hospital. Law enforcement said that Pierson apparently wanted to revenge against a faculty member because of a “confrontation or disagreement.”

10. January 9, 2014 — Liberty Technology Magnet High School in Jackson, Tennessee: A 16-year-old student shot

a classmate in the leg as classes were being dismissed for the day, police said, according to CNN affiliate WBBJ. The student was treated for his gunshot wound, WBBJ said.

11. January 14, 2014 — Berrendo Middle School in Roswell, New Mexico: A 12-year-old boy walked into the school gym, pulled a shotgun out of a bag and fired at students waiting for the school day to begin, authorities said. The boy wounded two.

12. January 21, 2014 — Purdue University in West Lafayette, Indiana: Student Cody M. Cousins, 23, opened fire in the basement of the Electrical Engineering Building, according to the university. Cousins allegedly killed Andrew F. Boldt, the school said, and both were listed as seniors.

The school’s police chief said that Cousins left the building right after the shooting, and a city police officer arrested him. Cousins was “booked on a preliminary charge of murder,” Purdue Police Chief John Cox said.

Read: Student surrenders after killing another student, police say

13. January 24, 2014 — South Carolina State University in Orangeburg, South Carolina: A manhunt kicked off after a student Brandon Robinson, 20, was shot to death at the school, authorities said.

“He was a very nice young man,” South Carolina State University President Thomas Elzey said. “And it hurts. It hurts us all.”

Police arrested Justin Bernard Singleton, 19, and charged him with Robinson’s killing, according to a statement from the South Carolina Law Enforcement Division.

Read: Men argued before shooting, police said

14. May 23, 2014 — University of California, Santa Barbara in Isla Vista, California: Elliot Rodger, 22, stabbed to death three people in his apartment, police said. Then Rodger fired into a deli and killed a young man inside the shop and shot to death two sorority sisters.

Cheng Yuan Hong, 20; George Chen, 19; Weihan Wang, 20; Katherine Cooper, 22; Veronika Weiss, 19; and Christopher Michaels-Martinez, 20, lost their lives. Others were injured.

Rodger committed suicide, leaving behind a long, hateful essay.

15. June 5, 2014 — Seattle Pacific University in Seattle, Washington: A 26-year-old man who was not a student at the school was tackled by a student security guard after he killed one person and wounded two others, police said.

Once the suspect was on the ground, other students jumped on top of him, according to authorities.

Police told CNN affiliate KIRO that Aaron Ybarra was fascinated with school shootings and told investigators he had visited Colorado’s Columbine High School where two students killed 12 students and a teacher in 1999.

There’s no doubt about it, our society is sick and we need a doctor quick! Why do you think the shootings have increased so much and what can we do change it?


By Natalie Kennerly


You enter the restaurant alone. Clad in comfortable attire, you remove your hair tie as your “chic” messy bun has turned into a hot mess. Smoothing down your tresses, you tell the friendly attractive female hostess you need a table for two and that your husband will meet you for lunch shortly.

An attractive man walks in with an heir of importance. His designer suit hangs perfectly off his muscular frame, his hair and face is groomed to perfection, and he smells heavenly. The female hostess flashes a seductive grin, and looks down to adjust her top; no doubt flirting. Her grin immediately turns sour, witnessing as the man greets you with a kiss.

Realizing this beautiful man is your husband, the hostess’ earlier friendly disposition has turned cold toward you. She looks you up and down and then does the same to your husband. You know for a fact she is trying to figure out how in the world you pulled this man. You are sure she feels she has a chance at stealing him. You smile to yourself. If you want him you can have him, you think. Your husband grabs your hand and you walk to the table together.

Why are you not going out of your mind? Why have you not checked this female? And why are you not worried about your husband straying? It’s simple, things are not always as they seem.


Don’t believe everything you see.  


What she saw was a handsome well put together man.  What she didn’t see was your husband’s ratty basketball shorts and un-groomed hair from a few hours earlier. What she smelled was the heavenly scent from a respected designer. What she did not smell was the corn chip-esk odor burning your nostril hairs from his crusty toes. Or the permanently stained arms pits of his t-shirts.

What she saw was an un-kept, slightly overweight, and frumpy woman. What she didn’t see was you dropping your 6 month old baby off at daycare just a few hours ago. Whats he doesn’t know is that you happen to have taken the day off from your Vice President position so you could run errands; ergo the sweats.

What she saw was an expensive designer suit. What she didn’t see was your husband rushing over to his brother’s or cousin’s house to borrow said suit that hangs so well on that beautiful body. What she didn’t see was the job interview that he just left; the third one this week. What she didn’t see is him getting rejected because he was over qualified or under qualified, whatever the case may be that particular day.  Oh yes, what she doesn’t know is that he does not have a job and that you are holding the family down. What she doesn’t see is after 8-10 hours on your job, you still have to come to console the inconsolable. You have to stroke his ego, as he becomes down trodden due to the economy. You have to rub his head and back and tell him everything is going to be alright even though you don’t believe it yourself.

So if she thinks she can do a better job at holding your man down, you welcome the attempt. Because even though you love him you have grown weary.

She doesn’t know about the “baby momma drama”, the credit issues, the constant whining, the bills, the in-laws. All she sees is a beautiful man, and yes he is beautiful.

But if she ever got a chance to “steal” your man, she would most definitely send him back after a week with a letter of apology in tow. She would blind fold him and kick him out of a moving car, hoping he rolls unto you doorstep.

You shake your head smiling. “Babe I think that girl was flirting with you”

“Really?” he replies genuinely oblivious.

You laugh out loud. Of course he didn’t notice…He’s not stupid.