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There’s a new sheriff in town andHe goes by the name of Cory Brim! If you don’t know who this man is now sooner then later you will… Every time you try to reach this guy he is making millionaire moves… LITERALLY! The only way to describe this man’s hustle is awesome. He is the owner of Sugar Rim Bar and he’s taking world by storm!  His revolutionary approach in the way we exprience bartending services opens new doors to  business owners and bartenders everywhere!

VOICE: Hello Sir are you available for the interview?

CORY: Well I’m prepping for an event right now but if you give me about 10 more minutes we can have it while I’m on the way to the event.

( Great way to kill 2 birds with one stone, I think)

An hour later….

VOICE: Mr. Living the dream! First let me ask you, is that your motto? I bet everyone who knows you have heard this from you at some point.

CORY: This is it my one and only motto.

VOICE: First let me say that I think you’re pretty awesome! I have experienced your service first hand and it was more of an experience than a service; from your professionalism to your personality. Were you always this good with serving the public? You seem to be a natural or did you pick up most of your people skills along the way?

CORY: I believe it’s gotta be in you; you have to love it, it’s easy to say it but it’s different when you believe it. Because it becomes natural. I’ve always been that way.

VOICE: I’ve seen posts about you working while others are sleeping; it’s doing those things consistently that makes a person successful how would you describe your hustle?

CORY: That’s it you gotta [sic] get it done and do what you gotta do, you know? Some people quit when it starts to get hard but I never quit, I wake up every day and say, “This is the day when something awesome is going to happen.”

VOICE: How would you describe the service you offer in a nutshell?

CORY: We want our clients to feel like they are guests at our party. Some people want to do it all by being both the entertainer and server to host guest, so they get distracted by the little side things that need to be done; like taking out the trash, fixing food, serving drinks etc… I always tell them, let me handle that I don’t mind taking out the trash and doing the little things that will make the experience more enjoyable. I will handle the guests, we got you!

Voice: What was the turning factor in your life when you took control of following your passion? What was your motivation?

CORY: I can’t remember if I quit my job or if I was fired but I do remember I was tired of all the interviewing with people; tired of the same questions like “What can you bring to the table, how can you make us more money?” yet they hire the guy with his shirt hanging out! I wanted to make more money. I remember I would see millionaires making lots of money not doing and that’s where I want to be, by teaching others what I do and building a great team behind me.

VOICE: Any shocking moments during one of your events?

CORY: Is this going to be on the air? Well at one of my events someone passed away. The crazy part was that people wanted to keep partying so we had to shut it down.

VOICE: What would you say your best moment thus far has been in your business?

CORY: Every day is different; I’m amazed at the celebrities I’ve met, but truthfully we give all of our clients the same treatment, it’s not about status we won’t turn down business we like it all.

VOICE: What separates you from other businesses similar to yours?

CORY: One of the things I noticed, not calling anyone out, is that when certain people reach a certain level they will turn down events because they think they are above it. They don’t want to take out the trash, or only accept a certain amount. We offer services for everyone; everyone may not be able to afford all we have to offer but we make it where you will enjoy the experience just the same.

VOICE: And you never know it can be that one client you turned down that could have pushed your business to the next level.

CORY: Well a lot of people say that and the truth is there is a cutoff point, but it’s either you scale back a bit but possibly lose business; but when you are striving to make a certain amount of income each year, in which mine is at least a million, you don’t have the luxury to be picky.

VOICE: What’s your favorite/signature drink to make? We will suffice for the name only.

CORY: Adult fruit punch. I make this drink a lot I mean who doesn’t like fruit punch?

VOICE: I don’t know some men don’t like the fruity drinks; which is crazy to me as long as it tastes good. I’m going to have to try that!

VOICE: What is your advice to striving entrepreneurs?

CORY: The services have to be there first. My advice would be to spend as little money as possible and I know that sounds funny but I’ve seen people invest in billboards, business cards and all these fancy sites then quit six months later. When I first started out I had little to pull from except for the people I knew, so I had to creatively come up with ways to make money. You have two types of money, you either have capital or sweat equity. In the beginning you have to invest in your sweat, hard work and creativity.

VOICE: What was the major factor that contributed to your business reaching the level it is on today?

CORY: I had to get out of my own way; I get up every day not knowing what is going to happen or who I’m going to meet. You gotta [sic] stop listing to the wrong advice, people too often listen to their doubting state in the beginning causing them to give up saying; this won’t work, they aren’t going to buy it, etc… Don’t feed the seed of doubt always think today is going to be the day something good happens.

VOICE: What’s the most enjoyable part of your career vs what’s not so enjoyable?

CORY: The most enjoyable part is I do what I wanna do when I wanna do it. Even though Iwork like a dog, it’s all mine!

VOICE: Do you have a go to spot for winding down after a long day?

CORY: Nope, I go to the gym for 3 hours that’s about it.

VOICE: It seems to me that you invest in every area of his life, financially, physically and even spiritually because you are so positively motivated in everything that you do and offer insightful advice and wisdom.

CORY: The older I got the more I realized that I wanted a better quality of life. I had it all and lost it all before and I realized that it’s not the money it’s in how you live. I was always taught to be a consumer; to act [sic] and dress a certain way and it frustrates me when I see women spending $300-$400 on a purse or men $200 on one pair of shoes when it costs less for a business license. We have to start investing in ourselves instead of spending more on silly things.

VOICE: Is it hard managing a personal life alongside with a successful business such as yours?

CORY: No personal life! You have to sacrifice something. You have to want to succeed more then you want to breathe. Until I reach a million dollars at least per year.

VOICE: Some people find that relationships work better when you work with their partner you know a person you can grow with.

CORY: My thought is I’m trying not to make million dollar mistakes. You have a partner you work with around the world; something goes wrong and then they can sue you so I opt out of mixing business with pleasure.

VOICE: What are some common misconceptions that people may have about you?

CORY: Inside looking out [sic] I believe people think it’s a big team making all of this happen and it’s just me! People think I can work miracles or that I’m too busy because I’m with a celebrity and the truth is I don’t have a lot of people behind the scenes making these events happen. People think if I don’t return an email or text it’s me ignoring them, but the truth is I’m just really busy.

VOICE: Do you have an idol or anyone you model your business dealings after ?

CORY: There is [sic] always admirable people, but I never want to be like anyone else.

VOICE: Since our magazine focuses on entertainment, who’s your favorite entertainer?

CORY: I used to have entertainers that I would say is my favorite but not anymore; after a while you realize they are just normal people like everyone else.

VOICE: Who are some celebrities you have done services for?

CORY: Eric Benet, T.I., Raheem Devaughn, the list goes on.

VOICE: What are your plans for the future and where do you see your business within the next 7-10 years?

CORY: Realistically I want to run a company from my cell phone and have people to do what I do [sic] now.

VOICE: (BBL) Business Bucket List: Give me at least two places or people who you would love to either bartend for or host an event?

CORY: I don’t have a bucket list or anything where I hope to bartend for Oprah or something, my main focus is simply growing my business. As we reach the last few questions of the interview he is walking into a building multitasking between me and his event. He is about to start yet he still takes time to answer the questions and thank me for the interview while making sure i have anything I need. I can’t help but to be inspired by this man’s integrity and hustle.

VOICE: Overall what can people expect to get when booking you for their services?

CORY: We will be there for them from the beginning to the end. What people don’t know… I use to party all the time and it was so much fun and I thought why not get paid for this? I’m having fun. What people don’t know is… I would do it for free!

VOICE: How soon in advance does someone need to plan an event with you?

CORY: Depends on the even, it could be the day before if the slot is available. I would rather it not be the day before but just try to reach me ASAP before trying to book it. I Have about 230 people on my team so we will try to make it happen.

VOICE: What’s the best way someone can support your business?

CORY: Referrals!

VOICE: Well that wraps up our interview thanks again Sir. We will keep you posted on new developments:

CORY: Thank you as well. Talk you to you later, goodbye.

And he is off to host another incredible experience!


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