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Six tips for quick promotion

by Iman Taylor

When it comes to our careers, most people look for a combination of factors when deciding where to work. One that tops the list is high promotion potential. The following tips will help you climb the corporate ladder faster!

1) Find a company/Industry with high growth potential. Some jobs have limited mobility; people can find themselves working in the same position for years, even decades. Make sure that you are in a career or field that offers you the opportunity to not only showcase your skills and assets, but has room for promotion. Research companies, ensuring a good fit prior to applying. There are plenty of great sites, both peer based and informational to get you started on the right path.

2) Network, network, network. Get to know the right people in your company. While hard work and skill are admirable traits to have, being liked by your peers is also important. Having the right connections can get you promoted quicker than just being great at your job. Remember most places require you to interact with others. The more people that know and like you will result in your name being talked about when a new position opens up. Don’t confuse this with “brown nosing” or “sucking up”, you still need to make sure that you are great at your job. You don’t want your name to be laughed at when someone mentions promotion.

3) Be the go to person for stuff! If there is a project in the office that needs to be handled, don’t be afraid to volunteer to take it on; as long as it doesn’t interfere with your current workload. You want to be the sole person people can rely on when things need to be done. Also take risk and share your ideas. Be proactive when it comes to resolving issues in the office. It shows a high level of commitment and engagement to do so.

4) Have a positive attitude. No one likes a Debbie downer, and that type of personality never gets far anywhere in life. Realize that others around you are very aware of the energy you bring to the office. Having an optimistic outlook will impress people, your boss most importantly, even during times of stress. The way you handle stress is a great indicator to how you would performat the next level. Your boss will recognize if you are constantly disgruntled or on edge this and may be hesitant to promote you. After all a new position usually entails more responsibility, if you can’t handle it at your current level, how could you handle it at the next.

5) Work hard and get acknowledged for it. That means staying late and coming in early when necessary. Maybe you had a scheduled day off, but the office needs help, suck it up and come in. If promotion is on your mind, then sacrifice now for your payoff in the end. Again don’t bite off more than you can chew and burn out, but definitely be dependable, it will be an expectation when you move up. Make sure your boss sees all this too; sometimes our efforts go unnoticed, so we have to be vocal. That doesn’t mean brag or complain (please do neither) about it, just casually mention in your discussions with your boss that you stayed until 6:30 to work on that new account. Being reliable is an asset to any company.

6 )Most importantly, let it be known that your are interested in being promoted. I’ve heard so many people become upset when looked over for a promotion because they were not offered the job!! Your boss or company has no idea what you want, you have to say it, or else everything preceding this statement will have been in vain. If you let people know your intents and interests that will help them guide you on the right path to get where you want to be. You may receive valuable feedback that will help you grow which you would not have received otherwise.

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