Career Tips

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1. Become a reality star. Whether you are seeking your 15 minutes of fame or yOU are looking for a long term career in television, provides opportunities for novices to be selected as a cast member on a reality show.

2. Play stock investor. If you’re great at making predictions, you could win up to $500 by predicting the performance of the S&P 500. People can win between $50-$500 by using

3. Sell sex toys. If you’re the type of person that enjoys to have fun while getting paid then this may be the position for you! As a local consultant most representatives earn
between $500-$800 a party. Sign up at

4. Sleep. Having problems with sleeping? Why not get paid to do it? Clinilabs is a
leading early-phase drug development research organization that studies sleep patterns. Visit

5. Play that funky music.  Do you have great taste in music? Why not profit from it as well? D.J.’s can make up to $800 each event depending on how long they are scheduled to entertain. If you book just two events a month you can earn an extra $1600 a month!

6. Blog for the cause. Let your voice be heard. Have fun writing on topics you are
already passionate about while earning extra bucks! If you already have Gmail, check out It’s the easiest and fastest way to set up your own free blog site while being provided the opportunity to earn extra cash through their Adsense program; paying you per ad click!

7. Sell Avon. Are you a master of presuasion? Is for, this should be a piece of cake. Simply refer your friends and family to great products and earn extra income in the process. Apply for an application at and for $10 you will receive a starter kit (which includes order forms, credit card authorizations, samples and your own online store). You will be earning extra income before you know it.

8. Rent your space. Renting out unused space in your home is a great way to make an
extra $500-$2000 a month. You must take the necessary steps to do background and credit checks before you let a stranger in your home of course!

9. Greet the bucks. Have you ever read a greeting card and thought to yourself… I
could have wrote this better? If so, then maybe you should! If you’re good with forming creative and rememberable expressions then you may have what it takes to make it big time in the greeting cards industry. Put your talents to work by submitting your freelance work to a greeting card distributor try You can also visit company websites for submission details.

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